we count our dollars on the train to the party

Hi Friends,

I love flowers!! I seriously love them! I haven’t had the time to go to the flower market downtown (though I’ve heard it’s amazing) and get really fancy flowers to arrange so I’ve been settling (and enjoying) buying grocery store flowers!!

Generally, I will buy one mixed bouquet and a couple of bouquets of a single type of flower. I normally can create about four to five arrangements, using a variety of different sized vases, for about $20 and they can last up to a full week if I change their water regularly.

I wanted to show and share via photos, so I’ll keep this post short, but I do want to give a few random tips:

1.) Try and ‘clean’ the stems by removing any extra leaves. Having an abundance of leaves in water will just cause bacteria growth and your flowers will die more quickly, and create that gross old flower smell.

2.) Generally, I try and apply to the rule of three. I will place three special blooms in first, then add filler and then some accent flowers. I like to start with the flowers that should be center stage and build from there. I’m an amateur though so if you have a better tip let me know!


my workstation! i just use regular scissors… one day i’ll get some better shears! i put all of the flowers in water while i worked and i had my vessels handy for creating!


my bucket o’ flowers! some might argue they looked better just all thrown in there together! you can’t really go wrong with flowers…


my process! i like to separate my flowers by style/ color/ texture/ so i can really build a bouquet exactly the way i want!


some of my flowers separated.


you can see how i started playing and putting them in their vases. notice the remote control – yes i was watching tv while i was bouquet’ing!!!


my centerpiece!


i actually liked this arrangement a little better! it’s on my console table.

Have fun arranging flowers and creating!



ps. ‘we count our dollars on the train to the party’ are lyrics from the song ‘Royals’ by Lorde. Love this song!!


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